Nov • 09 • 2017

My name is Lillian Nyangasi. My beloved parents are serving as Free Methodist missionaries in Uganda. My parents had a difficult time paying my school fees- even though it was only $10 during my primary school years. I received an ICCM scholarship and what a boost! I was able to concentrate fully on my studies and in fact, in my last two years of high school I was top of my class in performance. Had I not been awarded the scholarship, my education could have been very uncertain. Life would never have been the same if ICCM had not come to our rescue and aid. On December 2, 2016, at the age of 23, I graduated from university with a Bachelor of Law degree. I aspire to specialize in International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, but remain open to God’s will. I now have a life and a hope, all because someone gave to me through ICCM.

Lilian Nyangasi