May • 17 • 2018

Jessome is a tiny, remote village in Western Haiti. A majority of the population depends on the subsistence agriculture- which means the rainy season brings crops but during the harder times of the year they only survive off of animals like cows, chickens, goats, or pigs. Before the ICCM school opened, children would have to walk a great distance to go to school. Now fourteen children are currently sponsored from the village of Jessome which means quality Christian education is accessible to them through the ministry of this school.The families whose children are sponsored are grateful to their brothers and sisters of Christ who are in Canada, helping them with their children’ education. Those children are able to receive an education centered in Christ, which is a great assurance for this community’s future. If we want to change the situation of a population, the only way to start is by providing a good education for our little ones!