May • 01 • 2018

“I had sponsored Damaris since 2004, and have prayed for her without knowing what she was like, if she was loved or hungry or safe.. I just trusted my money was somehow making a positive change in her life. In one letter she mentioned that visitors from Canada had come to her school and she wanted me to come too, and though I wished that I could, I never dreamed that I would ever be able to fly to Kenya to meet her. Dreams can come true! In 2009 I received a letter from ICCM Canada, inviting me to ‘Encounter Kenya’ and meet my child. I did not have the money to go but with the encouragement of my husband and co-workers I took a huge step of faith and booked my first-ever international trip! It was through friends, co-workers, pie-baking evangelists and complete strangers that God provided the necessary funds. 

I met Damaris exactly one week before her birthday. She took hold of my hand and would not let go, so we walked to her home to meet with her family hand in hand. They had her birthday party that hay so I could be a part of it. I cannot find the words to explain how touching this whole experience was. I have a beautiful daughter in Kenya who has a beautiful family who love her and care for her.

God is alive and working in Kenya; I cannot wait to go back and see my new friends and family! I am a child partner advocate now, and I tell everyone about my trip to encourage them to either go meet their child or start partnering with a child of their own; it’s the best money I have ever spent.”  Wannett Reynolds