100% of your donation goes directly to the community you’re supporting. Through the incredible support of donors like you, our Special Gifts programs continue to assist communities battling poverty by providing sustainable solutions to everyday needs.


With a drought in Africa reaching levels comparable to 1945, individuals and livestock are at risk of death. Donate to the Burundi Food Fund today and ensure more nutritious meals are distributed to those in a dire situation.



Child sponsorship is not the only way that you can support those in need. Through one-time donations or regular giving, you will allow International Child Care Ministries to provide food and other critical resources for those in need.

Burundi Food Fund

Burundi Food Fund

$20 provides at least 180 meals (23 cents per day per child)

The reality of poverty in Burundi, Africa is alarming. Your donation supports the production and free distribution of a nutritious cereal called Busoma, giving the gift of life to Africa’s most vulnerable: widows and orphans. Your donation of $20 will provide enough cereal for 180 meals!

India Rice Fund

India Rice Fund

$100 feeds 169 kids for a day at the centre (59 cents per day per child)

Due to the rising rice prices in India, the increase in school enrollment and the number of children waiting for sponsorship at our hostels (boarding schools), we are challenged to feed all of the students. Your gift will ensure each child attending school has the necessary food and nourishment needed to think about learning rather than when their next meal is coming. Your donation of $100 = 169 hungry kids fed for a day.

Haiti Food Fund

Haiti Food Fund

$40 will provide 242 meals (33 cents per day per child)

The global food crisis has hit Haiti very hard. Your contributions will enable us to continue to feed the 20,000+ students attending the 53 schools we operate in Haiti. Your donation of $40 will provide at least 242 meals in a month for children who are hungry and unable to focus at school.



ICCM’s Special Projects provide children with the opportunity to better themselves through education. By creating a safe learning environment, funding post-secondary education or simply by providing clean water, you can help children become the change that they need in their communities.

India Learning Centres Project

India Learning Centres

Feed & Educate

ICCM India operates three Study Centres in Ponnur, Hydershakot, and Neredmet, each located in the heart of Hindu communities. Your gift will help to feed, educate and teach Biblical truths to each child. Many children will tell their families what they’re learning at the Study Centres, increasing the number of people hearing about the love of Jesus.

Philippine Street Children Project

Philippine Street Children

Educate & Sunday School

In partnership with Door of Hope Fellowship Centre in Davao City, Philippines, ICCM assists children living on the street. Your gift will provide support to the program offered through Door of Hope Centre, including tutoring and Sunday school.

Empowering Leaders Project

Empowering Leaders

Scholarship Fund

Children who have partnered with ICCM will be supported until they graduate high school. However in these environments of poverty, young people are usually unable to seek higher education or training on their own. But what if the best and brightest were able to achieve their full God-given potential by developing into a leader who can create change in their communities and nation? This is the dream that your donations will be supporting.

Water Filter Project

Water Filters

$65 purifies water for life

One of the most basic needs of life is water, yet 1 in 9 people worldwide do not have access to clean drinking water. Your donation of $65 will purchase a portable water filter which purifies water to be cleaner than most water sold at retail, and will last a lifetime.

School Construction & Expansion

School Construction & Expansion

Safe Learning Environment

Children deserve to go to school and learn in a safe environment which can accommodate everyone’s needs. The actual construction, repair, and expansion of ICCM school buildings is an important area of ICCM’s work which is needed for the transforming work to be able to happen.


General Donation


ICCM has many special projects going on which have been identified to meet specific needs in the countries we work in. These donations will be used for humanitarian relief when disaster strikes, for example, as well as for special requests and memorial projects.


The Eden Reforestation Project


When a majority of people in impoverished countries support themselves through agriculture, what happens when environmental degradation leads to crop failure? Haiti has lost 98% of its original forests and this has a great impact on the population in poverty. By donating to this project, not only will you be replenishing Haiti's natural ecosystem but you will also be supporting the employment of local villagers to plant and manage these trees in the Eden Project nurseries, and creation care education initiatives for parents and children in our schools.



Bring a smile to their life

*Please note that sponsors will not receive an official tax receipt for special gifts for their child.


Through providing an animal you can dramatically change the economic conditions for the people we serve. With one farm animal not only will you provide immediate nutritional needs for a school or family, but you will also provide a small source of income from the sales of eggs, milk, wool, and livestock. 100% of your animal gift goes directly to purchasing the animal.

*Animal prices reflect the global average for that specific animal.



Special Fund Initiatives  
  • Burundi Food Fund
  • India Rice Fund
  • Haiti Food Fund
Special Projects  
  • India Learning Centres
  • Philippine Street Children
  • Empowering Leaders
  • Water Filters
  • #Water Filters available in DR Congo, Kenya, Haiti, Cambodia, Brazil
  • School Construction & Expansion
  • #School Construction & Expansion available in DR Congo, Kenya, Ghana, Ethiopia
  • General Donation
  • The Eden Reforestation Project
Special Gift For Your Sponsor Child  
  • Birthday Donate
  • Christmas Donate
  • Bibles ($10/each)
  • Song Books ($10/each)
Animal Giving  
  • Please include which country you would like the animal(s) to be donated to - In the comments section
  • Chicken/Rooster ($10/each)
  • #Chicken/Rooster available in Kenya, Haiti, Ethiopia, Cambodia, Burundi
  • Goat ($75/each)
  • #Goat available in Kenya, Haiti, Ethiopia, Burundi
  • Pig ($50/each)
  • #Pig available in Cambodia


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