Jun • 05 • 2020


The Ammanuel Light and Life school in Ethiopia is one of the highest ranked schools, public or private, in the region. This school has produced many alumni, such as Abebe Arse. He was born in 1995 to parents who struggled in extreme poverty. His mother begged for money in the streets, and they had no home. As a family, they had no hope that tomorrow would be better than the challenges and darkness of each day.
When the church found out about the family’s situation, Abebe was sponsored through ICCM. So, he was now able to attend kindergarten! This support offered respite for his parents and they began to see that their family’s future could be brighter.
Abebe started school and from early on, his teachers realized how clever he was. Every year he was sponsored and he continued to work hard and perform well in his education. His talents and work paid off; Abebe was among the top students in every class he attended. In Grade 8 when he sat for his first regional exam, he outscored everyone in the school and came in second for the whole region— averaging 99%. What a success!
Abebe is now in medical school, studying to be a doctor so he can come back to his home Arbegona area and serve the poor. He is thankful to the Lord and to his sponsor for giving him a chance to unlock his full potential!