Feb • 28 • 2018

Listening Conference

My experience at the ICCM “Listening Conference ” in the Philippines was amazing! Seeing a project and meeting the staff helped me understand the ministry work so much better than emails and photos. With each ICCM project we visited, I felt one word reflected my perspective.

Project Transformers

For example, at Project Transformers I felt such a tangible sense of joy. The staff, the kids, the worship all reflected joy. At the Ata Hostel, I was overwhelmed with their worship. They shared such beautiful worship that reflected their gratitude and love to God.

Door of Hope

Every interaction I had with the kids from Door of Hope was about love. On the opening night of the conference they taught me how to say “I love you”. When I entered church on Sunday morning a little boy who remembered me immediately said, “I love you,” the very words he had helped teach me. There is such a beautiful spirit of love with the Door of Hope kids. 

My observations are:

  • Competent, caring, invested, global  ICCM staff are doing an incredible job of developing and managing projects in Southest Asia. Hearing about their work firsthand gave me such a better perspective on their projects and the challenges they face. 
  • Each job/position/task is a necessary part of ICCM. As Linda reminded us in our morning worship times, each of us has a role that contributes to the body. This is sometimes hard for me to remember when I’m doing things that might not seem as exciting to me. I was reminded my role is an important part of the larger body of ICCM. 
  • I gained a deeper appreciation for the scope and demands of Linda’s role as ICCM director. God has obviously prepared and gifted her for this position, but that doesn’t mean she has an easy job. I developed a deeper respect for her role and a better sense of how to pray for her. 
  • There are no words to completely express how much joy and love I felt for the kids. They were so eager to welcome us and connect with us, and asked for selfies! I was reminded that the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these. 

This message holds only a fraction of my thoughts and perspectives of the trip. I’m very grateful to have had this experience.