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Joy all around | Kenya
Thursday, 04 November 2010 00:12


As we talk of expansion our hearts throb with lots of excitement and joy because we have Umoja FM Academy Mautuma and FM Academy Mathare to parade. Both schools were enrolled into the ICCM program this year 2010 and each had its own story to tell. Umoja FM Academy Mautuma, the 5th school in the country to be enrolled for ICCM support is found in the rural part of the country, Western part in particular. The school has 4 classes that is pre-school, then classes (grade) 1, 2, 3. When i first visited the school late last year, the school which has been running for over six years had a population of approximately 40 puplis. I was amazed to learn that a double of that number has so far been recorded since Child Care came in early this year. FM Academy Mathare was once a Saturday feeding centre where children could also be given Bible lessons.

The idea to expand the goal and vision of the project came when ICCM showed interest in the program. Child Care therefore as from this year helped a school to start in Mathare slums in Nairobi, Kenya’s capital city, and therefore give an opportunity for some 25 children to receive formal education. The school idea has since been welcomed and applauded by the community as great and as a yearly gift to them. The class has a very big gap in terms of age difference (4-7), a fact that is not recommended but here understood because the older one’s parents could not afford to raise fee for their kids to join school. It is a joy seeing children jump out from their chairs and shout out my name whenever I am spotted visiting in these schools. It is a joy seeing children keenly following as their teachers take them through class sessions. It is a joy seeing parents, some even that I am not familiar with, meeting me with a smile on their faces – an acknowledgement of the change brought in their homes that their kids are going to school. Glory to God, thanks to ICCM. Long live ICCM!!

Rev. Daniel Shanzuh
ICCM Coordinator, Kenya

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