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Beginning a partnership that will change lives; including yours!

sponsorAs North Americans, because of our education and resources, we often tend to think that people around the world who don`t have access to those resources, need us. And this is true, there are many places in the world where Jesus is asking us to model His justice by sharing the resources that we have at our disposal with others in need.

But this isn`t where it ends. By being a world-changer God does something that many times we didn`t count on.

He changes us! As we give and share and love others, God uses these acts of worship to transform US to see the world as He sees it.



If you are ready to embark on this kind of journey, to share your life and be transformed by the life of a child, then please consider partnering with a child who is waiting for somebody like you. Someone to encourage them and give them access to resources that will allow them to see the loving heart and character of our God!


How do you partner with a child?

For $35 a month, you will provide a child with food, an education and a uniform but this is the beginning of a very rich partnership. Partnering with your child looks a little different here at ICCM. Partnership is taking an active role in your child’s life. You can do this by:

Investing in a child today means that you are changing a child’s life for the future!


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