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Designated Special Funds

addtocart Haiti Food Fund ($25)

Contributions to the Haiti Food Fund make it possible for us to feed nearly 22,000 children at our 53 schools in Haiti. Your gift allows Haitian children to continue to eat nourishing food that fuels their growth, education and future.

addtocart Burundi Food Fund ($25)

The Busoma Factory provides thousands of children nourishment to save them from starvation in a country suffering from widespread famine. Your gift keeps these young children alive.

addtocart Philippine Street Children ($25)

Hope Street School in Davao serves children who roam the streets of this city in the Philippines. Your gift helps provide education, food and care for these needy children.

addtocart Rice for India's Children ($25)

Many of these children would have little food or care at home, but ICCM sponsors provide them with food, clothes, school and hope. Your gift provides Indian children with rice for their stomachs and hope for their futures.

addtocart General Projects Fund ($25)

Special Project money is a very important part of our ministry. These funds provide care for children which is outside of our regular program. Your gift provides special care for children in need.


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